Boomerang Pencils

Boomerang Pencils


Ok, so they aren't boomerangs, but they do stand more of a chance of making it back to your pencil case,

The purple ones I use in rehearsals so that when actors 'borrow' them I can spot them in the room easily and the gentle reminder that they belong to me is a good shove in the right direction to return them. The new addition of the ASM pencils are red, and gold, and can be swapped out for the DSM ones.

The white ones are great when you get to the theatre - white because when they roll on the floor during tech they are easier to find! I'll send you 4, 2 of either DSM, ASM or CSM, and 2 Stage Management pencils. 


If you want different combinations please let me know at checkout.


(ASM & CSM Pencils are limited, if they are a hit there will be more...)

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